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Tuesday so far

I read St. Nacho's 4: The Book of Daniel.  (*commentary on plot and characters, may be spoilery*)  I thought it rang rather true in how a formerly closeted and married man who had had secret hookups would go have lots of hookups after he got a divorce and came out.  It seemed reasonable to me that Daniel needed to get it out of his system before he was ready for a romance.  Daniel and his brother Jacob (of St. Nacho's 3: Jacob's Ladder) had both had a horrible, abusive father, and both reacted in different ways.  It was interesting that Jacob had felt right at home in St. Nacho's pretty quickly, as had the protagonists in previous stories who came there, and Daniel didn't feel welcome.  His love interest, Cam, had been one of those people drawn to St. Nacho's who loved it there, so that was a source of conflict.

Daniel had had his arm crushed at the end of Jacob's Ladder, and was trying to learn to use his arm again as best he could.  Therefore we saw quite a lot of Jordan from St. Nacho's 2: Physical Therapy.  We saw a lot of Jacob, of course, and of JT, Cam's fellow EMT.  Ken from Physical Therapy made some appearances in Jacob's Ladder, and perhaps had a cameo in The Book of Daniel.  He was definitely mentioned.  Cooper made cameos in Jacob's Ladder and The Book of Daniel as the resident violinist of St. Nacho's.

In real life, I've actually gotten a lot done so far.  Dad finished putting the shelves on the new bookcase, and I filled it up with books.  I had two more boxes of the books I'd taken with me to the apartment when I moved, and I put those on there, as well as emptying three kitchen-size trash bags full of books that I had in my room.  I believe others that had been in boxes in the living room made it up there as well.

I still have a canvas bag of books on LGBTI topics in my room.  I'll find places for them.  I have a bag of books to give to S. that's on LGBT topics, some of which are serious books and some of which are erotica.  I'm sure he'll find appropriate homes for them.

I feel a sense of accomplishment, anyway.  I'm slated to line edit book two in a series, so I read book one today for the sake of continuity.  You never know.  Twice at least I've seen characters' names change spelling from book to book, and at least once, if not both times, it was the author.  Some of the editors have seen it happen many more times than that.  I doubt that will happen in this one, but I need to make sure the powers of the characters are consistent with what they could do in the previous book.  (Added: They were consistent, but developed more thoroughly.  It's an interesting series.)
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