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Monday -- Labor Day

We don't have any exciting plans.  I read In and Out last night.  I liked Adam quite a bit.  I'm sure L.B. has already gotten an e-mail from Uly, who read all four in a row.  He thinks L.B. is a writer who could get a Lambda award.  We'd been talking about how the Lambda awards changed back to judging most categories by content.  I thought it was quite a decent mystery, though L.B. felt that writing a mystery was a challenge.  She rose very well to the challenge.

I read The Guardian Angel of South Beach today.  It was pretty cool.  I expected more of a romance, but it was something of Leo's own journey and erotic adventures, though there was romance towards the end.  When I figured that it was more Leo's story, I was all right with that.  He wanted to have a better body, but he was looking for romance as well.  Also, he used his powers for good, which I liked.  He was a pretty sympathetic character.  I would definitely read it again.

I'll post more on what I read.  It looks like outside of books, my main excitement today will be doing laundry.

Later: I read One Shot by Rowan McBride.  Since I'd just read Chasing Winter, Rowan's theme of human growth wasn't new, though the plot was different.  In this one, it was about how people grew or shrank in size after taking a flu shot, so kind of science fiction-y.  I looked through my books, and I already had his book One Good Hand.  I'm glad I didn't buy it yesterday or today.

Later still: I re-read One Good Hand and read St. Nacho's 3: Jacob's Ladder.  I'm catching up on a good amount of books I bought when they came out, like Jacob's Ladder.  I wasn't able to sit and read books for months.  It wasn't a matter of not having time, just that I couldn't concentrate that way except for short stories, for the most part.  I'm glad that I can read books again now.
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