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Sunday so far

Last night/early morning: I had gotten an Amber Reward.  That's what you get when you get ten books at Amber Quill Press, and I've gotten it a few times.  Most notably was when I was collecting J.M. Snyder's Positions of Love, Vic and Matt stories.  Anyway, yesterday I got Warm Rush 1: Chasing Winter, by Rowan McBride.  It was close to midnight when I got it, and I thought I'd read a few pages and then call it a night.  It grabbed my attention, and I had to keep reading.  If it had been a print book, I wouldn't have been able to put it down.  I'm not sure what it is about Rowan McBride's books.

It was a paranormal, but with more like comic book powers than the usual vampire or werewolf paranormal.  Keith didn't take too long to start showing what supernatural thing was happening to him.  Parts of that got a bit much for me at the end, but I was still there reading.  It reminded me a bit of the Black Dagger Brotherhood's pre-trans and post-trans, but more so.

I re-read Lone.  That was another I had by Rowan McBride.  I believe I got that as an Amber Reward, too.  Those are the only two of Rowan's books at Amber Allure.  Although it says Warm Rush 1, it was published in 2008, and there isn't a Warm Rush 2 yet.  Rowan has had a couple of books published by Loose Id, and one by Liquid Silver.

Today: I picked a couple of 'Duchesse de Brabant' roses.  They've got a nice tea scent.

I finished up Cowboy Obsessions.  It remained labored.  I thought about how Syd McGinley's Dr. Fell stories had spoiled me for clumsy writing.  Syd chooses her words so well, and the stories are so tight.  Syd's stories are little gems, and make books that fall short that way that much more painful.

I got Paul's Dream, One Shot, The Guardian Angel of South Beach and Spindrift from Fictionwise.  That makes three times for Spindrift.  I'd gotten a copy for S., and now one so I could have it in epub.  Paul's Dream and One Shot are by Rowan McBride.  The Guardian Angel of South Beach is by Neil Plakcy.

Later: We picked up dinner from Wendy's.  At least I got farther out of the house than the back yard, though I'm still trying to figure out how I ended up sitting in the back seat in my own car.  Well, Dad drove and Mom is handicapped, so I gave her the front passenger seat.  It's easier to get into and out of than the back seat.

I read Mahu Blood.  I enjoyed it.  Kimo is kind of simple in his thinking in some ways, but is a good detective.  I like his narrative voice. 
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