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Saturday so far

It's been a pretty good day so far.  I got a bunch of errands done, and got things I needed.  For instance, although I have quite a variety of heavily-scented soaps, I got Dove green tea and cucumber soap, which is a kind Mom can stand.  I ended up going to a couple of grocery stores in the course of my shopping.

We dropped the car off at Firestone, and it turned out that the gas cap had fallen off inside the little closed pocket for it, and that's why the "check engine" light was on.  They didn't charge for that.  The floor mats are still wet, but the mechanics said that their fix on the clogged air conditioning vent was still fine, so it must be my windshield leaking.  They don't do windshields, so I'm going to need to save up for that and get it done elsewhere.  Maybe I can put plastic sheeting down on the floor meanwhile.

I stopped at the liquor store, and got Mom a bottle of sherry and got myself a bottle of Chenin Blanc.

I went to Borders, which is in its final days.  The sign in the window read "Ten Days Left."  One of the salesladies there said they were told "September-ish" for the final closing.

Mom had some religious books she was looking for for the church library, so she gave me a few cards with the titles and authors on them.  I actually found one.  Books on religion are 60% off, so it was $10 instead of $25.

I had called to ask if they still had e-reader covers.  They did.  I got one for the Kobo Touch.  It was originally $29.99, but 70% off, so it was $9.  I thought that was pretty good.  It's pink, with a leather or leather-ish exterior, and a little padding inside.

I looked at romance, which I think was 70% off or so.  There wasn't much left.  I thought about getting a Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark-Hunter/Were-Hunter book, but it's at the library.  It was a hardcover, so it still would have been $7.49 or so.  It will probably be on remainder somewhere in the next few months anyway.  The books are generally best-sellers, so the bookstores get a lot, then slash the prices however much later.  There were a few books from Samhain there, but one was sixth in a series, and others were by authors I don't follow.

If they're still open Tuesday, I'll probably go and spend a little longer shopping.  It depresses me that they're closing, because they used to have a good selection.  I've gotten some things relatively cheaply there in the past few weeks, though.  My biggest purchase was the Kobo Touch, for 20% off.  I'm happy about getting a cover for it.  I'm still considering giving the e-reader to Dad, though I'd have to take the romance books off it first.

My shopping yesterday and today hasn't been too bad.  Especially today, I've gotten things I've needed, and not spent that much on things I didn't need.  Chenin Blanc, for example, is very inexpensive.

I'll post later on what I read tonight.   
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