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later Friday

Well, at least I got out of the house, as Dad and I stopped at a pharmacy to get stuff for Mom and went to get spring water.  I went to get dinner, too, from a Wawa (convenience store chain in the tri-state area).  My "check engine" light went on as soon as I started driving.  This is very shortly after I got all new brakes and got the car inspected.  It's very frustrating to me.

Aside from the car problems, it wasn't a bad day.  I went book-shopping online and got a few different things.

Added: Although it may take me some time to read them, I'll list what I got from various publishers and book distributors.  I got Reindeer Games (Jet Mykles), Holiday Outing (Astrid Amara) and Mahu Blood (Neil Plakcy) from Fictionwise.  MLR books must get to Fictionwise relatively fast.

From Rainbow eBooks, I got a few of Drew Hunt's books, Colin and Martin's First Christmas, Colin and Martin's London Christmas, and Trapped Nerves.  The Colin and Martin ones were short stories and pretty cute, though the men cried easily.  Trapped Nerves set a situation of two men who'd known each other in high school and meet up again, and then most of the book was a flashback to high school.  There were perhaps three present-day pages altogether.  I'd hoped there would be more about what went on with the characters in the present day.

I got Lone Wolf, Love's Evolution, and Life, Love and Lemon Cookies from Samhain.  The latter two are by Ally Blue.

From Amber Allure, I got Bloody Queens (India Harper), Cowboy Obsession (Sineth Killiri) and Pinky Swear (Lynn Lorenz).  I'm partway through Cowboy Obsession, and there's a fair amount of exposition and telling instead of showing.  There was also a bit of "my sister talked to the brother of the mayor, and here's what the mayor thinks" set up.  Josh mocked that kind of thing in Man, Oh Man.  Sineth is taking shortcuts in a book that had a good premise.  I was interested because it's a librarian fighting censorship, and the closeted mayor of a small town.  The writing could have been finer.  I'll see what happens.

I'll probably post something when I read Lynn's book.  She's been very hit-and-miss for me.  It Takes a Hero had the protagonist so deep in self-pity that I couldn't understand what the love interest saw in him.  David's Dilemma had a decent plot and I enjoyed it when I read it.  David's father has dementia, and David doesn't want to put him in a nursing home, so it is an interesting dilemma.  Early on, David's father wanders off, and David goes to the police for help searching for him.  Looking back, having the detective trying to find David's father flirting heavily with David at the police station and while they search seems more improbable than I first thought.

I really liked Edward Unconditionally.  That one was a win for me.  Edward was adorable, and basically a very kind person.  Jack was a decent person, too, if grumpy.  I'll see how Pinky Swear is.
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