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Thursday so far

I was not able to wake up for garden club. I was just too sleepy to drive as of ten. I'd tried to go to sleep at two, when I was very tired, but then couldn't sleep. I dozed off again sometime in the morning and woke again in the early afternoon.

I decided I should do something, so I went to the secondhand bookstore. A new cashier was there. We introduced ourselves. I'll just call her G. I said it had been a year since I'd been there regularly. I'd brought in a copy of Visions of Sugar Plums, which we had two copies of at home. I think it's the first of Janet Evanovich's Between-the-Numbers series.

There were a fair number of donations on and around the donations table. It's very difficult to figure out where hardcovers are supposed to go on the bookshelves in the back room of the bookstore, because the shelves are so filled up, and not particularly well-marked.

I put away paperbacks, which have boxes, and trade paperbacks, which have boxes for the newly-donated ones. After half an hour or forty-five minutes, another volunteer came in. I had met M. before, probably a couple of times. Of course I didn't remember her name. She did look somewhat familiar. She started sorting out the hardcover books to put away. I went over to romance and started working there.

I took all the things that weren't romances off the category romance cart, which emptied it by half. Fortunately, there was a box of category romances in the back room, so I put them out. I found one by Suzanne Brockmann, Frisco's Kid. It's not anything connected to the Troubleshooters/Seal Team Sixteen series, but it sounded interesting. I tried to pay for it, but the usual Thursday afternoon cashier, S.G., wouldn't let me. Well, I had done the whole category romance cart and filled in contemporary romances.

S.G. remembered me well. I said to her also that it had probably been a year since I'd been there regularly, between having broken my ankle and moved. She didn't know I'd moved. We caught up a little. Before all the events of the past year, I'd probably come in for my volunteer days for a couple of years on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. I really want to get back to doing it regularly.
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