neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

Wednesday so far

And there hasn't been much of it for me.  Once I got to sleep, I slept hard.  I had some Dragon Lily tea, which is white tea, so not much caffeine.  I'm feeling pretty good now.

Dad mowed the lawn for quite some time, and is talking about going to a grocery store and to get spring water after resting.  I said I'd go with on the principle of getting out of the house.  Since we're going to get the spring water, Dad wants to stop at the nearby Goodwill.  He just likes to look at the electronic and mechanical things they have there.  I have the feeling he wouldn't mind buying those monitors back.  It seemed to really hurt him to give them away.  This is why our house is filled with clutter, because he doesn't throw anything away, and I take after him.  I don't mind donating if it's something I won't use, but it is wrenching for me to get rid of books.

Later: We met Mom at Firestone.  She wanted to get an oil change.  We then headed off to a grocery store.  It wasn't one we were too familiar with, so it was painfully slow trying to find things.  Mom saved quite a lot of money with coupons, though.

When we were driving home from the grocery store, the folks at Firestone called to say the car was ready.  We dropped off the groceries, then I took Mom back to Firestone.  They weren't really fun trips out, but at least I got out of the house.

I have a couple of articles to edit, so that and reading will probably do it for me for tonight.  Garden club is tomorrow.  S.M. called to say that she finally got her power back on -- yesterday, I think -- after a few days without it.  She got more minutes for her phone, and said she'd gotten the message with my offer for her to come over Sunday, and appreciated the thought.
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