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Tuesday so far

So far I've been out to look at and appreciate the fragrance of my herbs.  I picked a leaf of the pineapple sage.  I rubbed the leaves of the lemon balm, spearmint and scented geraniums.  I did a little bit of weeding.  'Duchesse de Brabant' has a couple of buds.  I hope it gets another good season of bloom in before the frost.

I re-read parts of J.R. Ward's The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider's Guide.  I'll have to ask Lisabea if she's read it.  I'm sure it's at more libraries than just the ones in the county system here.

I was going to take Mom to physical therapy.  She saw the orthopedist yesterday, and he said she didn't have to go anymore.  I said maybe she should go to the appointment she'd made for today and get more exercises to do at home.  She called to say that if she went today, she'd have to pay for it, so she'd canceled it.  They're going to mail her pages with more exercises on them.

I need to get back to the secondhand bookstore and do some volunteering there.  Maybe I'll go tomorrow and work on the romance shelves.

I'll note later if I read anything else today.  I have some editing to do, but I've already worked a good bit on the projects.  I just need to turn an article in today and a line editing job Thursday.  I'll likely read the first three books in the series again tonight to make sure the continuity is good for the fourth story.

Added: I turned in the article, copy edited. I read Love Ahead, Expect Delays.  I didn't have any idea there would be such violence in it.  Usually Loose Id warns for violence.  Samhain didn't warn for violence in The Happy Onion, but Samhain's warnings generally aren't very serious.  I'm okay with violence if I know there will be some in the book, like in paranormals where the characters can generally heal quickly.  It's just when I don't expect it, when I expect a book to be lighter, that it really bothers me.  Otherwise, Love Ahead, Expect Delays was a pretty good book.  There was some telling about the past in the relationship, but then it went on ahead to the present and more dialogue and current action.

I read Carol of the Bellskis, the third of the books I read tonight.  Seth was pretty cool.  Lars was closeted, and a jerk about it, but he got better.  Thank goodness it wasn't too dark a book.  I don't think I could have read something else with too much angst, like the one I describe below.

I read Something Shattered by Bailey Bradford.  It wasn't really a cheery story.  It was pretty well-written, though.  The blurb and excerpt must have seemed good, but it was darker than I was looking to read tonight.  I need to find something light to read. 
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