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Monday real life

Due to my late-night reading, I woke late.  S. had told me that the "Welcome Here/Welcome Back" party for the GLBT organization would be at 5:30.  Instead it was at 4:30.  He sent me a text about this somewhere along the line today, but of course I didn't get it until much later.  I got there at 5:00, and finally found a not-too-legal parking space.  Well, I tried to get a visitors' pass, but they didn't give them out after 4:00 -- as if people didn't visit after 4:00.  The university is like that, especially when it comes to parking.  I heard the tail ends of speeches from a couple of people from the door of the "ballroom."  The students on the Exec Board introduced themselves, but I couldn't hear them from where I was.

After the speeches, I came into the room and said hi to S.  Okay, he tried to let me know that the event was going to be earlier than he'd originally said, but I still am having a bit of a grudge.  I ate a couple of quesadillas, had my share of social anxiety -- though I introduced myself to a freshman -- and took off to see if my car had been towed or ticketed.  I told S. to think of volunteer work for me to do, and that his first job as president was to get me a parking permit.

That's about it for real life.  I would have been there to support my boy and hear his speech if I'd gotten his message about the correct time.  He knew I came to the event, anyway.  My car was still there when I got out, and unticketed, so that was good.
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