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Sunday real life

Talked to Aunt P.S.  She's been e-mailing us with updates on the family.  Grandma S. has a leukemia sort of thing where her white blood cells destroy the red ones.  She's getting blood transfusions and shots for it.  We'd like to go visit with her in September.

Aunt P.S. didn't lose power.  She did get water in the basement, though.  Uncle D. and R. and baby J. should be back from their visit to Florida, though.  I guess Aunt P. and Uncle D. will figure out what to do about the basement, which is finished and nice, and includes a wet bar.  Though they don't have a large house, considering, it's a nice neighborhood in north central New Jersey.

 S.M. called and left a message saying that she was without power or phone, and had eight minutes left on her pay-as-you-go cell phone.  I tried calling back, but I don't think it took.  I hope she gets power back soon, or can figure out how to add minutes, at least.

S. called to see how I'd done during the storm.  He and M. hadn't lost power, and neither had the liquor store near M., so they were all set for Saturday -- or Saturday into Sunday, I guess.  He called upon his return to [borough].  His new roommate seems nice, S. said.

Added at 4:00 p.m. Monday: The GLBT "Welcome Here/Welcome Back" party starts at 5:30, so I'll be leaving for it soon.
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