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Saturday so far

I woke in the late morning because Mom was yelling at Dad for knocking a shelf down.  Apparently if he'd correctly folded something he put under the shelf, the shelf wouldn't have tipped...Anyway, we heard repeatedly and loudly about it.  I was up for a little while, then decided to go back to sleep until the yelling stopped.  I dozed for another hour, then asked Dad if Mom had settled down.  Apparently she had.  I did my usual "morning" routine, and then went downstairs.

I ventured out into a light rain to put a rose in a pot into the shed.  Dad had brought in a couple that were still in very small pots.  I brought in my little bay tree.  The pot is perhaps a ten-inch one, and the bay is small for it.  They're very slow-growing.  If the winds knock over the big pots, the ones with eighty pounds (dry) of soil in them, there's nothing I can do.  There are a number of other pots with garden plants in them by the back door and near the west side of the house.  We'll see what happens.

I picked a head of florets of heliotrope that was blooming, and put that in a little vase.  I didn't want the blooming flowers to go to waste.

Today's Phillies game was canceled.  Mom and Dad were watching the local news channels and then the Weather Channel.  The governor of New Jersey was speaking on the local channel.  He seems to be taking it all very seriously.  The storm should hit us tonight.

I filled six or seven gallon jugs with tap water.  We put bits of tape with "T" on them to distinguish them from the bottles of spring water.  Our tap water is perfectly drinkable, so we can use that just as drinking water if we need to.  I think we're as prepared as we're going to get.  Even with the light rain so far, the areas by the drain pipe and by the Apothecary Rose that get puddles already had the puddles there.  I don't think that bodes well if we get several more inches of rain.

I'll post more later, given that the Internet holds out.

Around 7:30 p.m.: I collected several flashlights from my car in the afternoon, including the Mag-Lite.  I put some pillar candles in my room as well.  At some point a mayor or governor said that power could be out for a week or two in some areas.  I'm enjoying having power while it lasts.  I charged my e-readers and my iPod, and I still have a few library books to read. 
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