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Friday so far

Last night: I read The Jackson Spey Chronicles up through To Be Where You Are.  I'm still wondering if K.Z. Snow planned for the series to end up m/m, or if it evolved that way.  Obsessed was the first of the books to be mostly m/m.  I enjoyed the books.  Partly I wanted to see how the characters had gotten to where they were in Fugly.  It was a long and torturous path.  I'll still enjoy re-reading the books.

I ran around in the early afternoon doing errands, and then went to S.M.'s for a very late lunch.  She showed me pictures of her garden from earlier in the summer.  The Oriental lilies were especially nice.  Her phlox is blooming now.  I told her to take pictures of that today. I got gasoline.  The lines at the gas pumps were long by 1:30 p.m., and longer when I left S.M.'s at 4:00.  I have plenty to do inside this weekend.  I have an editing job due Thursday that I could do early, and lots to read.  I'm doing laundry, too, tonight.

Later: I got some laundry done and re-read Fugly.

The news had a lot of concentration on the coming hurricane.  We have some gallon jugs filled with spring water, and are talking about filling all the rest we have with tap water, and maybe filling a couple of buckets as well.  At least we'll have plenty of water for drinking if we lose power Sunday.  I have my collection of candles and flashlights.  I think we're about as ready as we're going to get.

The house is on top of a little hill, which I guess is good news and bad news.  When it rains hard and the gutters back up on the streets, the water only reaches to the bottom of our driveway.  It's quite a steep driveway.  We had three trees that were near the house removed two or three years ago.  We still have a lot of trees. but none as close to my window as two of the ones removed were.  We'll see what the winds do.  I'm not planning on going anywhere on Sunday.
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