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It was a pretty quiet day.  I took Mom to physical therapy and finished an editing job.  I also finished reading Janet Evanovich's Smokin' Seventeen and K.Z. Snow's Plagued.  I wondered when the m/m thread would start in the Jackson Spey Chronicles.  I found the publisher of the first book in the chronicles, but couldn't figure out how to buy the book.  It looked like you could only buy it through iTunes, and I couldn't even do that.  It was very strange, and I'll have to ask TeddyPig if he knows how to do it.

(I later found out that the first book in the series was out of print.  I hope it will go back in print someday.)

I'd read Cemetery Dancer last night.  Jackson Spey was a strong supporting character in that.  In Plagued, he appeared late, but was helpful to the protagonists.  He said he was straight, but there was a little m/m interaction in a menage.  I found it gratifying that it started early in the series, but I know things go on for a number of books before resolution.  I read Fugly, which was the last book connected to the series that I know of, first, some time ago.
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