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several days of reading

Here are my notes on my last few days reading:

"I've re-read a couple of books lately, and read another couple.  The Love God of Indian Frybread had been in my to-be-read files for a while.  It was busy -- there was a lot going on -- but not in a way that the reader couldn't follow.  It was pretty wacky, but fun.  I'd read another of A.J. Llewellyn's books, Xu, a while ago, and that was different.  Xu had mystical aspects, and scenes detailing the beauty of Hawaii, and then random raunchy scenes which seemed not to fit in with the other parts of the book at all.  The Love God of Indian Frybread was much more smooth, much more seeming all in one piece.  I'd gotten the books before I learned this, but apparently A.J. tried very hard to pose as a guy.  I heard this third-hand or so, and was perhaps not as upset as I should have been.

I'd read Lift Your Voice by T.A. Chase before.  It's about a singer and a veteran.  It's a novella, but I thought there was pretty good character development, and there were strong supporting characters.  To be fair, I'll note that T.A. also turned out to be female, but didn't go to the lengths that A.J. did, from what I understand.

I read Litha's Constant Whim by Amy Lane.  It was the first book I'd read of Amy's.  I'd kind of stayed away from them because I heard that a lot of her books were angsty.  I think this book was free from Dreamspinner one day, so I figured I'd give it a try.  This one had some angst.  I thought it might be lighter because it had fairies in it, but it really wasn't.

I'd read Ring My Bell by B.A. Tortuga before.  It's about a fallen angel and a cowboy.  The angel falls (well, is thrown) into a road in Texas.  It's got some humor in it, and really doesn't get too heavy.  I'm in the middle of B.A.'s Latigo now.  It's a contemporary, and the setting is a rodeo circuit.  I'm enjoying it, though there's not a whole lot of plot."

And I just read Bastards and Pretty Boys.  K.Z. Snow writes some lovely stuff.  I read Fugly some time ago, and it stood alone well enough for me, though I had a feeling some readers would know more about some of the characters.  It's connected to a series called The Chronicles of Jackson Spey.  I have most of them, and the order they're supposed to be read in.
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