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I woke at the usual time, did my "morning" routine, and was on the computer for a while before going to a 3:00 p.m. appointment.  I learned more about ways you can and cannot load books onto the Sony 350 e-reader.  I don't know if it's just things I haven't tried with the 950, but a few efforts made everything freeze up.  I reset the Sony and turned it on and off a few times to get it working again after my experiments failed.  I also ended up turning the computer on and off and/or logging out and back in to get the computer working again.  All of this was trying to drag and drop or paste books into the e-reader.  Pasting did not work.  Drag and drop worked if I did it slowly, but not attempting to do it with a quick yank.  I got a few more books on there before I left.

Since I was in [borough] anyway, I went to an Indian restaurant that's been there for many years.  I got there at 4:00, and they said they opened at 5:00.  I headed to the Indian grocery store in the shopping center Dad and I were in yesterday, and got chicken tikka masala and a naan.  I made basmati rice when I got home.  The masala was pretty mild.  My basmati rice turned out well.

I re-read Sarah Black's Vindaloo and the T-Bird and Big Balls and Trouble.  Sarah wrote some little gems for Changeling last year.  I read Sean (as S.) Michael's Howling for Kitty, which was cute.

Not too much else planned, except for talking to S.M. about getting together (maybe Friday) and trying to figure out a good phone call time with A. from Green Bay.  That's pretty much my socialization for the week.  I need to ask S. when the Welcome Back/Welcome Here party for the GLBT group at [local university] is.  I think it must be next week.  S. said he had to mingle, since he's president, but his boyfriend (and "first lady") M. and I were going to talk amongst ourselves.
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