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minor activities of the day

Dad and I went to Goodwill, and donated two old computer monitors and a bunch of cookbooks.  The cookbooks were from my collection of them.  I donated some and recycled some very old ones.  Dad had to look around in the shop part, too.  I saw some ruby and cobalt glass vases that were very nice, but we're trying to get things out of the house, not bring more in.  I kept them in mind for next time I go there.  Hopefully I'll have gotten together more to donate next time we go.

We stopped to get spring water at a place that's 25 cents for a gallon.  You need to bring your own gallon containers, but I think that's pretty cheap.  I think our tap water tastes pretty good.  It's hard water, and it does get a bit of a chlorine or metallic flavor occasionally.  Mom has been using the spring water to make ice.  I would think you wouldn't notice the taste of the water so much in ice.

I would have liked to have stopped at the Indian grocery while we were in that area, but Dad wasn't up for that idea, and he was driving.  They offer several hot meal dishes at the grocery, usually including a masala and a curry.  Sometime soon I'll get a masala or a mild curry.  I've been craving masala, and I have no idea why.  Dad was willing to stop at a Taco Bell that was on the way home, and I got a burrito.

Well, at least we got a few things out of the house.  Mom will count it a little triumph that we got a couple of things out of the living room.

Later: I think I was the one to make the 500th comment on the m/m romance forum on AfterElton, and I didn't waste it.  I posted about Jules Jones' Buildup: Mindscan.  It's a story I keep re-reading.  I said it somehow managed to be both hardcore and romantic.  I'll be curious to see if any other commenters on that forum read it.
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