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new little tempest

Well, it seems like a little tempest to me, but I have no money involved in it, anyway.  Apparently, from some of the blogs I follow, the Romance Writers Association (or whatever RWA is short for) is trying to exclude e-publishers and e-books.  There's some fairly biting stuff being written about it, and then there are bits that are hysterical.

PAN stands for Published Authors Network (?) in the RWA.  I think what started the comments that cracked me up was a sentence from Ally Blue's comments in The Naughty Bits ( "And I have to tell you, it felt damn good to qualify for PAN using a very smokin’ hot gay ebook *ggg*"

And then Jules Jones weighed in:

"Jules Jones wrote,

I qualified for PAN with Dolphin Dreams, which has the following content warning:
“m/m/m male ménage, D/s, sex while in shifted form.”

I didn’t do it on purpose — it was pure coincidence that this was the first book of mine that came out after they changed the PAN rules to go by the book’s earnings. But I was sufficiently annoyed by the goalpost moving of the previous years to take a certain amount of malicious pleasure in qualifying with a book that was both pure character-driven genre romance, and liable to make heads explode in RWA on several grounds. Unfortunately I couldn’t enter it for the RITAs, as it was ebook only."

I had done a post here about Dolphin Dreams, on Feb. 16, 2009.  Here's my response to Ms. Jones' comment, though:

"Emilie wrote,

Jules Jones said: “I qualified for PAN with Dolphin Dreams…”

OMG. *curled up laughing* I had read the warnings, and it still just about made my head explode. Okay, it really was a pure genre romance, and it certainly made a deep impression on me. I liked the characters and **mild spoiler** Patrick’s thing for chocolate was just too funny. I’m just picturing trying to explain what it’s about to a writer or reader of more, er, traditional romances. But good for you. Oh, and I really liked the Spindrift books and Buildup: Mindscan."

I had posted here about Spindrift and Buildup: Mindscan.  I try to be an equal-opportunity fan that way -- if I like something, I'll say so, though I'm less likely to say something if I'm getting paid for working on the book, or at least I try to put in a disclaimer.  But I felt free to comment there, because Jules Jones doesn't pay me.  It's not like I haven't proofed or edited paranormal contemporaries.  And I've proofed and edited stories with m/m/m three-ways, with D/s themes, and with shapeshifters.  It was just how that particular combination eventually played out in Dolphin Dreams that really did a number on my head.  I hope my comments didn't come across as too rude, because Ms. Jones is a sweetheart by all accounts.  I think you really have to have read the book to fully appreciate the irony.  But if you just picture an author or reader of, say, inspirational Christian romances hearing about that plot...

Edited to add: Well, she saw what I'd said, as the very first bit of her next comment was:

"Jules Jones wrote,

Thanks, Emilie. :-)"

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