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Thursday so far

Not that it's that early, even for me.  I finished Second Sight.  It had more plot than the first couple books published in the Jarheads series, but not a lot of plot.  Some of Sean Michael's books are comfort reads for me.  This one turned out to be.  I started re-reading Amnesia, the first of Sean Michael's books I'd read, which had some plot.  I started reading B.A. Tortuga's Latigo, too.  I have no idea what a latigo is.  Then again, I've read all the Jarheads novels that I'm aware of and I'm still not quite sure what a "baby green" is, either.  Nonetheless, the books made enough sense with me not knowing that.

As I'm sure I posted, ARe offered Bent in the Earth Day free first book in a series promo this year.  I read it, and wasn't thrilled that the Dom, Marcus, decided that the other protagonist, Jim, was a sub and threw him into the lifestyle without Jim knowing anything about the culture at all.  They didn't even discuss safewords until after a few scenes.  Marcus was just working on "instincts" and wasn't communicating.  I couldn't really get past that.

When I mentioned I was reading a Sean Michael book, someone on the AE m/m romance forum, Z., said she'd liked Found, Snared and Owned.  I decided to give the Hammer series another try.  Perhaps this time the Dom will actually tell the sub about the lifestyle and they'll talk safewords before scenes.  I live in hope.

In real life, Mom was back to work today, and in a faculty conference all day.  She carpooled with her friend H.M., and I'm sure they had a couple of good chats.  Mom said the faculty conference was boring.  I guess she's ready to get back into the library work.  The professors like the books she chooses.

The cardinal flower is starting to bloom.  I think it's so pretty, the color of the flowers a saturated red.  Hummingbirds like it, too.  Perhaps we'll get one.

I picked up Chinese food from one of the nearby Chinese restaurants, as I hadn't driven anywhere yet that day.  I got an editing job to do a little after nine, and I've done the first run-through on it.

I talked for a bit to S.M. and told her I'd gotten the new garden club handbook pages.  I had them on the computer and as printouts, of course.  She said she'd dropped them off, but hadn't been able to come in that day.  We said we'd get together maybe sometime next week.

I expect I'll do more reading tonight and more editing tomorrow.
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