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Two cups of coffee with cream that was perhaps starting to go (as mentioned below) put me down for the count for a few hours.  I was wide awake, but I didn't feel like moving too much.  I read Unnatural Issue, which is apparently one of Mercedes Lackey's newer books.  It's an Elemental Masters book.  I'm not quite sure which fairytale it's supposed to be based on.  It's the story of a new character, Suzanne Whitestone, and Lord Peter Almsley.  Peter had shown up in several previous books.  He's supposed to be based off of Lord Peter Wimsey, Dorothy Sayers' protagonist in a number of mystery novels.

This one has Suzanne's evil father as the villain, and the horrors of World War I as a backdrop.  Mercedes is not subtle, especially with the villains and her message about the horrors of war.  Not that I disagree with the message.  It was a good book, though.  It was nice that Peter got his own story, or at least starred as a major character.

After I read the book, I skimmed through Phoenix and Ashes, which is a Cinderella story, set perhaps a year later in World War I.  That one has some of the magic based on the Tarot, and I've seen reviews that claim that the representations of the Tarot in it are wrong.  Not that I'd know.  Unnatural Issue used British mythology, which I thought blended in better with the Elemental aspects of the story.

I'll have to look through The Serpent's Shadow.  Lord Peter was in that.  That had Hindu mythology, though I've seen reviews that claim that that was wrong, too.  Again I don't know.  I thought it was a good story.

Later: I skimmed through The Serpent's Shadow, which does have Lord Peter as a major supporting character.  That was published in 2001.  I guess I've been reading this series for several years.  I'm not sure if it's actually ten, but it may well be.

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