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Wednesday so far

I think I conked out a little after one in the morning, which surprised me.  I was very tired, though.  I'm not sure why.  I woke a little past ten.  I made myself coffee so I would stay awake.  French vanilla coffee was on sale on one of our trips to the grocery store, so I'd gotten that.  At least I'm using it.

(Added later: Two cups of coffee with cream that showed up in the coffee as splotches put me down for the day.  Oh, I was wide awake, but my stomach was very bad.  I did get some reading in, though.)

U. of AfterElton has said a couple of things lately that struck me wrong.  To O., about the MLR event: "Gushing like a teenager would be unbecoming at my age."  I wouldn't say I was gushing.  I was happy to meet the authors, and I talked about characters I liked.  He seems to gush in a lot of his e-mails to authors, so perhaps he was projecting.

The other one was, "Why do women read this?"  He was specifically talking about Hunting for Sport, which has a lot of gay erotica scenes, and isn't a m/m romance.  I read it as an editing job, myself, though I enjoyed it for what it was.

Since he posted on the m/m romance forum, I took it as him asking in general why women read m/m romance, a question I've heard dozens, if not hundreds of times.  I edited my answer, including deleting and rewriting parts of it several times, in order to give a civil answer in public.  I finally ended up with, "Why not?"  That was far more civil than I felt.

I may tell him the "I didn't ask you, Daddy" story in private.  I have no names, so I think it's an urban legend.  However, it gets the point across.

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