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Tuesday so far

And again there hasn't been much of it for me.  I didn't fall asleep until well after sunrise, and finally woke at three.  However, I did finish Bear, Otter, and the Kid, and read Miles and the Magic Flute, as well.  They were very different, but both were interesting in their own ways.  Bear, Otter, and the Kid was kind of Gay for You on Bear's part, but developed in such a way that I didn't mind that much.  Bear seemed more monogamous for a person for the most part, and there seemed to be a lot that he didn't admit to himself for a few years.  It was more that he was in serious denial than that he wasn't gay.

Bear, Otter, and the Kid was told in first person present by Bear, with some flashbacks from him, and stories told by Otter and by Bear's friends.  It was very much an emotional journey.  It's probably one of those I'll appreciate more when I read it again -- not to say that I didn't appreciate it in the first place.  It's more seeing how it all came together.

Miles and the Magic Flute was a dark fairytale, which I had pretty much expected.  (*various spoilers*)  I'd read a couple of reviews of it, enough to know that there would be fisting.  It was relatively tasteful, in a way.  For that.  I don't know -- it was all so wacky by then anyway, and it fit into the story well enough at that point.  Miles wasn't monogamous with one faerie/human/beast during the course of the story, but so much of it happened in fairyland that I just rolled with it.  Parts were dark erotica rather than romance.  I wouldn't recommend it to someone looking for anything like a sweet romance.

Today I re-read the anthology Howl, which has werewolf stories.  It's interesting how each author had her own shapechanger mythologies.  I had definitely read the stories by Jet Mykles and Jeigh Lynn before.  I skimmed through other books in Jeigh Lynn's Moon series again.  They explain so much more about the basics in the werewolf mythology in Jeigh Lynn/J.L. Langley's werewolf stories.  It makes me kind of wish I'd read the Moon series first.  Then again, things were explained well enough in With Love that I could follow it without a problem.

I worked on an editing job, working though the line edit and reading a bunch of other stories in the multi-author series, several of which I had line edited.  This one went with the others quite well.

I expect I'll read more and catch up with more e-mail.

I read the first few chapters in Magic Mansion yesterday, too.  Jordan worked in the short story that I'd read, so everyone else has read it now, and I don't have to worry about saying something I shouldn't.

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