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Sunday reading

The book I read today was Special Delivery, which I've had for months or maybe a year.  I still have a lot of reading to catch up on.  I'm pretty sure I got it on sale because it was a bestseller or award-winner.  It was very different.  I'll have to ask TeddyPig what he thought of it, if he read it.  I didn't realize it had that much BDSM in it, and things just seemed so edgy from Sam's viewpoint.  Maybe I've read more sweet romance lately?  I don't know -- parts of this just seemed very harsh and confusing for the characters.

At times, Special Delivery made me think of aspects of Buildup: MindscanMindscan was a very different kind of book, but I thought they both had a certain rawness in some of the scenes.

Mitch came across as pretty damaged, but once he finally explained himself somewhat, and other characters explained things, it made more sense.  Mitch and Sam didn't really communicate that well for quite a while.  It's the kind of book where I'll probably appreciate plot twists more when I read it again, and I'm sure I will read it again.

(*spoilery?*)  Randy was such an asshole for a while that I didn't totally forgive him.  He has his own book, but I'm not sure if I want to read it.  I probably will at some point.  It's more that the writing is good and I want more of that world than that I think I'll ever love or even really like the character.

I knew the book was popular as a romance, and I was surprised at how popular it was considering the places it went.  I've read erotica with that kind of tone to it, but I've only read a couple of erotic romances that were that sexually raw from an emotional aspect.


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