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Sunday so far

I didn't sleep last night, though my day Saturday was a relatively busy one for me.  I woke at 1:30, and figured that I'd gotten five or six hours of sleep.  I decided I might as well eat "breakfast" while I was up, so as not to throw off my schedule even worse.  I had cereal with cream, and then I had some French Vanilla Kahlua with cream.  I figured either the alcohol would put me back to sleep or the caffeine in the coffee liquor would keep me awake.  The caffeine won.

I wrote to various people on AfterElton.  I owe some phone calls and e-mails, which I'll probably catch up on somewhat today.  Mom wants to go to a grocery store.  She wasn't very pleasant during our shopping yesterday, though I went to all the stores she added on as we progressed in our journeys.  Mom just didn't want to go any of the places I'd originally set out to go to, like the secondhand bookstore and Staples.  That's where I said I'd wanted to go before we left the house.

As I noted, we went to the dollar store and grocery store because she wanted to, though I was all right with going to the dollar store.  She's often unpleasant to take to a grocery store, which is one of the places she wants to go.  It rained much of last night, as far as I could tell, and it's been raining, fairly heavily at times, today.  Dad didn't want to go to the grocery store today either.  He said Mom could go herself.  I doubt very much that she will.

Later: Mom didn't go to the grocery store, but things settled down to a quiet dinner.  I went back upstairs to read after that.

I got a couple more books by RaeAnne Thayne that went with the free one I got.  The series is called Cold Creek.  I'll post when I read them.

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