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TeddyPig is once again observing how nothing is really seriously competing with the iPad (, or at least that's how I took it.  I've seen them in locked glass cases in stores.  Sometime I'll have to see how it works.  Though I haven't had that experience of using one myself, it sounds like an interesting device.  I have e-readers, as I've posted much about.  If I got something else, it would probably be a laptop.  I've tried to use my brother J.'s iPhone for typing and surfing the web, and could not get it to work at all.  That whole finger pinch thing defeated me.  J. seems very comfortable with it, and I'm happy for him.

When I don't feel like I know enough about how a machine works to comment somewhere else, I take it here to think about.  I'll ask J. if he's ever used an iPad.  I'm not going to have a salesperson at a store unlock a case for me and let me explore it when I'm not planning to buy it.  Perhaps some of the students at [local university] have them.  I'll see. 
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