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I realized I'd gotten several days behind in those LJs I read, not that there are that many.  I think it's because LJ has been so slow for me, taking several seconds of very noticeable lag for each page to load.  Jules Jones did several posts about looting in Manchester.  I'll have to ask the parental units if that made it to the world news programs they watch this week.  It sounds like it was a very scary experience.

Added: Dad said that there had been a lot on the world news about looting that started in London and was in several other cities as well.  He mentioned Birmingham, too.  It started when the police shot someone, he said.  From what I understand, the gun laws are much stricter there.  It's not at all unusual to hear of someone being shot in a drive-by or such in Philadelphia, whether it's a gang thing or robbery or an innocent bystander.  There's quite a lot on the news when it's a child or police officer who gets shot, but any person getting shot is noted.

I'll have to look at Time or Newsweek or the U.S. News and World Report next time we go to the library, and find out more.

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