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Wednesday so far

There actually hasn't been much for me.  Though I tried for several hours to get to sleep last night, it didn't happen.  I think I finally fell asleep around seven or so.  I wasn't reading or anything after two-something.  Dad knocked on my door at noon, and then again at two-thirty in the afternoon.  I explained that I'd gone to sleep at seven.  I got up and did my usual "morning" routine.  I decided to stay away from anything caffeinated today in hopes of getting some sleep tonight.  I thought I was doing better for a while there, but it seems to have gotten worse than ever over the last few days.

I asked on the AfterElton m/m romance forum for recommendations of light and fluffy books to read, after some of the issues in the Gym series.  A new person spoke up with some recommendations.  Well, she'd apparently been lurking for a while, but that was one of her first posts.  She recommended a couple of books by Tamara Allen.  I may get them next time I go shopping at Dreamspinner.

Z. also recommended The Gentleman and the Rogue.  That sounded very familiar to me.  I knew I had The Nobleman and the Spy in my to-be read files.  I did a couple of searches on the computer for The Gentleman and the Rogue and for Seducing Stephen, and didn't find them in the searches, so I got them from Fictionwise.  Of course, once I'd downloaded them, I found that I'd gotten them from Loose Id in the fall of last year.  I'm trying to look at it as having them in multiple formats now, but I'm mad at myself for not looking all through my folders instead of just running searches.  I found a couple of other books by Bonnie Dee in my searches, so I thought it had come up with all that I owned.

Well, I have plenty to read, and lots more in the way of recommendations.  Miz Liz of AfterElton and I discussed Andrew Grey's Farm/"Love Means..." series and the Gym series.  I still think the Farm series is lighter so far.  As I noted, you know what bad thing happens to the characters from the blurb and excerpt, so it's not a surprise, and perhaps that made a difference, too.

Things seem very quiet without J. and K. and Morris the puggle here.  Maybe I'll try to go down and visit them all soon.  Of course J. would have a fit if I surprised them like they surprised us, but that's the way he is.

Later: I checked my phone around 8:00, and saw that S. had called at 6:30.  I called back, and we did a combination of planning for Friday and catching up on the news.  S. is returning to school a few days early because of his on-campus job.

S.M. had e-mailed me yesterday, and I wrote back a line to say that J. and K. were visiting.  I called her and we caught up.  She thinks I did a nice job with the garden club handbook pages.  I'm looking forward to the programs she has planned for the year.  It looks like some interesting speakers will be coming, and we have a few field trips, as well.

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