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more Tuesday

I read several novellas.  I read the third and fourth novellas in Stephani Hecht's Blue Line series.  I re-read Offside Pass, the first, and read Between the Pipes, the second, the other night.  Some of the events in certain characters' pasts in the first book were horrible, but those characters in the second book were actually less messed up by it than you would think.  I remembered the descriptions of what had happened in Offside Pass from the first time I read the book.  The protagonists in Cup Check and Blind Pass didn't necessarily have it easy, but it didn't seem quite that grim.

I read the last couple of novellas in Andrew Grey's Gym series.  In those last two books, the protagonists had serious issues to deal with.  I'd kind of thought the series would stay lighter in tone.  Not that the stories weren't well-written, but the characters faced some harsh things.  I think I need something light and fluffy to read after Positive Resistance and Personal Training.

I think the Farm series is lighter than the Gym series has gotten.  While bad things happen to some of the characters in the Farm series, and they have aftereffects, it's not so lasting.  Also, you know what happens from the blurb, so what the characters are dealing with is not a surprise.  I think there's another book in that series coming in November, and I'll get that one.

I want to read Mahu Blood, Neil Plakcy's latest.  I'm going to see if I can get it from interlibrary loan, but I'll probably end up buying it.  I do want to follow the latest adventures of Kimo and his family and friends.  I really like Kimo's narrative voice.


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