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so far Monday

My sleep schedule remains disrupted.  I tried to get to bed at two-something.  I think I ended up falling asleep at five-something.  I got up in time to look at the garden club pages with P.M.  Dad showed me how to burn a CD of the pages.  I burned the "all the pages together" file, and then the separate page files.  The CD read on my computer, but wouldn't read on the one downstairs.  I gave it to P.M. and told her to call me if she had trouble opening it on her computer, or if the people at the copy place had trouble with it.

Getting my car fixed proved to be expensive.  The leaking of moisture onto the driver's side floor was due to a blocked air conditioning vent, which they didn't charge for unblocking.  However, my car needed all new brakes.  That will put a dent in my spending money for the next few months.  We have a Firestone card, but I need to pay it off.

I read Love Means...Courage last night.  It was bittersweet, knowing what had happened by the beginning of Love Means...No Shame.  I downloaded Love Means...No Shame onto the e-reader, too, and read part of that last night as well.  I'd read that before.  Reading Love Means...Courage put it in a very different perspective, though.  Near the beginning of Love Means...No Shame, Geoff figures that Eli won't understand "the gay," and introduces Len as the farm's foreman.  Len is the foreman, but he also helped to raise Geoff from when Geoff was a toddler.  It was sad that Geoff didn't acknowledge that Len is his other father.  He explains more of it later, though.

I read Between the Pipes, one of Stephani Hecht's hockey stories.  I sort of remembered things from Offside Pass, which was the one I'd been trying to think of.  I got another couple of the Blue Line series, but I don't think they have the Canton brothers as protagonists.

I got a note from ARe to say I needed to open a ticket for a customer service issue.  It was very difficult to figure out how to do that, despite the directions.  It took a few extra clicks more, and I'm still not sure that the message will get through, let alone whether I'll be permitted to download the books again.  I was specific about just the books from one particular date in April being lost.  We'll see what happens with that.  J. from AE said that ARe's customer service was very good.  So far it's been kind of difficult, in my opinion.  I'll probably end up needing to buy the books again if I want to replace them.  That's my guess.

(Later: The ticket was answered, and I was able to download the books again.  I had thought you could only download once from ARe, so it was nice to be able to download those books again.)

In happier news, I got an e-mail saying that the e-reader I'd won had shipped.  I wasn't expecting that any time soon, given that they were out-of-stock at the Sony store.  The lady from Rainbow eBooks said she'd opened the box to make sure it was the right color.  I'll know to expect that.

I'll post later on what I read.  I got a good bit of editing done last night, but I'll go over the novellas again today.

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