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Sunday so far

And my sleep patterns are completely disrupted again.  I think I fell asleep by three-something, but couldn't get up until nearly two.  Mom and I went on some errands.  She got a mesh bag for delicate laundry at Target.  I stopped at an Indian grocery and got mango juice, a can of gulab jamun and a sweet lassi.  The proprietor asked me if I wanted a samosa.  I got one. 

Then we were off to Firestone.  The floor mat of the driver's side of the car has been getting wet, and it's not clear why.  They said that if it was the windshield, it wasn't anything they could do, but they'd take a look and see what they might work on.  I mentioned that the brakes were squeaking, too.  I think it's going to be expensive.  Well, at least I paid other bills.  I had my samosa, read an issue of Spin magazine, then listened to music on my iPod while we waited for Dad to pick us up.  The samosa was pretty good.  It wasn't too spicy, but it was flavorful.

Dad had been off getting propane for the grill.  We'd run out last night when he was grilling chicken.  Mom had microwaved the chicken for quite some time before it went on the grill, so it was done enough.  We got home without the propane tank falling over, so I was happy.

I read Ashton and Justice last night.  It was pretty good.  Poor Justice had had a bad time of it.  Ashton had a much better family life, ironically enough.  I wouldn't have minded more to see how they were doing later.  Perhaps there will be a sequel, or a book set in the same world with Ashton and Justice making appearances.  I had read I'll Run Away for the Holidays already.  What a wacky family that was.  I read Double Shot Cappuccino.  I had read another novella of Stephani Hecht's with hockey players a while ago.  That was published by a different publishing company.  I'll have to look those up again.  They were brothers, and had had tragedies in their past.  Any ideas, Kris?

I'll post on what else I read.  I have a couple of articles to do copy edits on, but I've already read through them.  It shouldn't take long.

Later: I looked around for more books I'd gotten by Stephani Hecht.  I seem to have lost all the books I got from ARe on April 5, 2011, which is probably around the time my computer died.  I've done a few searches now.  I wrote to ARe and asked if I could get replacements.  They're listed in "My Library" there as books I'd gotten.  You can only download once from there, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.  I'll report later on what answer I get.

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