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Saturday -- mostly reading

I never did get to sleep during the night last night.  I think I finally fell asleep around 7 a.m., and slept until 3 p.m.  I read Stephanie Bond's Baby, Drive South.  I got Baby, Come Home, too.  I'm not sure if the third in the trilogy has been published.  It doesn't seem to be out in e-book, either from Kobo or ARe.  I'm enjoying the series.  I know a lot more about how romances are constructed since the time when I regularly read mainstream contemporaries, but I thought it was well-written.  It didn't strain credibility for me.  I thought about getting others in RaeAnne Thayne's Cold Creek series, but didn't do it today, though I looked at a few sites that had the books.

Instead of getting more Mira and Silhouette books, with the DRM, I went shopping at Amber Quill Press.  I'm not sure why the Boys of the Zodiac books were on sale, but I got a couple more of them, Scorpio: The Heart to Help, and Pisces: From Behind That Locked Door.  I got two new books, as well.  The sequel to Why I Love Geeks, Why I Love Waiters, was just out.  So was one titled Ashton and Justice, by Stephanie Hecht.  I think I have all of Stephanie Hecht's books from Amber Allure, though I know she's been published elsewhere.

The Heart to Help was good.  Colin was a pretty nice guy except for jumping to conclusions about Grady and hating him.  I guess if Colin had liked Grady to start with there wouldn't have been much plot.  I figured out what was up with Noelle very early on, long before the character was introduced except for mentioning her name.  I wouldn't have minded more at the end to resolve some of the issues Grady got into late in the book.  Perhaps there's a sequel, or at least a little more about Colin and Grady in another book.

Why I Love Waiters was different from what I expected.  I thought it would be Heath and John's story, with perhaps cameos from Herb and Chuck of Why I Love Geeks.  Instead, it was as much or more Herb and Chuck's continuing story as it was Heath and John's story.  I would have liked more concentration on Heath and John in what I thought would be their own book.  I liked Herb and Chuck in Why I Love Geeks, but Herb was a jerk in parts of Why I Love Waiters.  Herb kind of got better, but I found him something of an unsympathetic character in places in this one.  Maybe it was that it was in viewpoints other than Chuck's and his own.  

Why I Love Geeks went from contemporary to paranormal right near the end, and I wasn't expecting the shift, which broke my suspension of disbelief in the book.  It's relatively easy to get me to suspend disbelief in reasonable contemporaries.  I choose to suspend disbelief in paranormals.  Having the book go from one to the other near the end took me by surprise.  Why I Love Waiters stayed contemporary except for a reference to a paranormal event in Why I Love Geeks.  The reactions of some people in small-town Georgia to gay men did not surprise me.  John was in the military, and keeping quiet about his sexual orientation.  I thought the way that was written handled the issues well.  It was up-to-date, but reflected a range of attitudes about gay men from his peers and superiors.

I'll probably read Ashton and Justice tonight or tomorrow.  I'll post on what I thought about that.

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