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Friday evening/early Saturday

I read another of the free books, Dancing in the Moonlight by RaeAnne Thayne, a Silhouette romance.  It's part of a "Cold Creek Cowboys" series, and I'm really tempted to get more of the books in the series.  Several of her books appear to focus on either men who already have lots of small children or women who already have lots of small children, before they meet the love interest.  It's a romance fantasy that a man will fall for a pregnant woman or one with young children.  Not that it doesn't happen in real life, I'm sure, but it seems to be a very popular fantasy.  I'm not quite sure why women would like a romance fantasy in which they can imagine themselves in the place of caring for several young children that aren't theirs, but that's another popular one.

In Dancing in the Moonlight, neither hero nor heroine had children yet.  The heroine was very feisty and a former nurse, the hero a doctor.  I guess it kind of varied from the cowboy formula in that though he was raised on a ranch, his primary job was different.  I think some of his brothers are just ranchers.  I'll post if I explore the series further.  Some of the books were on sale used from Amazon for a penny.  I know there's shipping, but it would probably still be cheaper than the e-books.  The thing with book distributors who offer free books is that I look at other sites too to see what they have in the series.  I'll post on whether I collect other books in the series. 

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