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Friday day

Well, I didn't get to the bookstore, but it's been a pretty good day so far.  S.D. came to clean, and said she'd been working on the cover for my Sony e-reader.  I showed her how I was using the cover that was too small as padding for the e-reader.  Even though the e-reader doesn't fit into the cover, I wrap the cover around the body of the e-reader and then put it in a bag.  I experimented to see if the Kobo Touch would fit into that cover, and the cover was a bit small for that.  I'll bet that the Pocket Edition Sony will fit pretty well.

S.D. saw how she'd made the cover with flaps to fit the e-reader into.  It seemed to help her work out how she should make the bigger cover.  Well, it's not like she's been working from a pattern, just my sketches and printouts of what other e-reader covers look like.

I went to the Kobo site and looked at the free books.  I got several straight romances, partly so something Mom could read was on the Kobo Touch.  Sooner or later she'll see that I got another e-reader.  One I got and read was Baby, I'm Yours by Stephanie Bond.  I thought was quite good.  The description says it's a prequel to a popular series of Stephanie Bond's.  I guess it was novella length.  It didn't show page numbers for the whole book, just chapter by chapter.  I'll have to see if the series is in the local library.

It took me a while to figure out how to download the free romances so they would show up on the reader and in the desktop library.  I got it after a bit.  I tried to get the wireless for the Kobo store to work on the e-reader, too.  Dad gave me the WEP number for the wireless in the house.  That didn't take, though.  I'll get it working sooner or later.  I'm not worried about it.  The romances are on the reader and in the library, and that's what I wanted to do.

Uly of AfterElton reviewed Chris O'Guinn's Exiled to Iowa. Send Help. And Couture.  I read an excerpt on Amazon, which had to be where Uly got it.  I looked on Google to see if it was out from any other book distributor.  It was on Smashwords, so I got it there.  No DRM, and you can download in multiple formats.  I'd line edited Hunting for Sport, which definitely wasn't a m/m romance, but had several gay erotica scenes.  Exiled to Iowa is a YA novel.  The excerpt was good.

I'll post later on what I read tonight.

Later: I read Exiled To Iowa, which was really very good.  I knew Chris was a skilled writer, but this book is really quite a high quality YA novel, and I compare it to mainstream YA novels by traditional publishers.  Collin is a teenager with a very flamboyant style.  Another character says he leaves trails of flames.  He was very likeable.  I thought the characters were quite sharply drawn.  The book should have a wide appeal.

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