neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

late Thursday/early Friday

I finished Deadly Dreams.  Some bad things happened to Tom, one of the protagonists.  I knew from reading the blurb of a later book in the series what had happened, but I didn't know how it happened.  Poor Tom.

The next in the series is Deadly Slumber.  I have it in PDF.  I don't believe Fictionwise had it.  Deadly Nightshade, the first book, was offered as the free book of the week one week at MLR Press.  It was also offered by ARe during an April Earth Day "free first book in a series" promotional.  Actually, it was on my birthday.  I looked it up.  I'm pretty sure I got Deadly Slumber from MLR.

I'm going to try to get to the secondhand book store tomorrow to do some volunteering.  That is, if it's not a good day to go swimming.  Either way, I think it would be good for me to get out of the house.  I have some books to donate, too, from when I was getting my room professionally organized.  The bookstore needs contemporary and category romances.  At least, it did a couple of weeks ago.  It often seems that just as we run out of category romances someone donates a few boxes of them.

I'll post later about what I read tonight, and what I end up doing tomorrow.
Later: I stayed up very late to finish Deadly Slumber, because I had to see what happened.  The PDF from MLR actually wasn't too bad to read on the Sony Daily Edition.  It was readable at a small size on the Kobo Touch, too, but the 7" screen of the Sony worked just a little better for that.  Deadly Slumber was quite good.  It had the AIDS epidemic as one of the topics, and how the characters felt about that.

I have Deadly Silence and A Deadly Kind of Wrong in epub.  I expect I'll read at least part of Deadly Silence tonight.

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