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busy Thursday

I had loaded some e-books onto the Kobo Touch, including Victor Banis' Deadly series.  I looked up what order they go in.  I knew I'd read the first, Deadly Nightshade.  I figured out that I'd read Deadly Wrong.  It had been a while.  I got partway through Deadly Dreams last night.  I'll probably finish it tonight.  I have Deadly Slumber, Deadly Silence and A Deadly Kind of Wrong loaded on there, too, so I've got plenty to read yet in the series.

I was going to go out the first thing after I got up to get cream from the local convenience store, but Mom had picked some up at the grocery store, and saved me a trip.  I made myself coffee.  I wanted to be alert for when P.M. came.

I worked on the garden club handbook again starting a bit after one.  I didn't think I had gotten some of the information on who would be judging exhibits and so on, but I found an e-mail with the information.  I started cutting and pasting.  P.M. came at two.  I gave her the pages I'd already done to look over, and ran back upstairs to do more.  We changed some pages after she looked at them.  Then she wanted page numbers in case members wanted to paste the new pages over the old ones.  I figured out page numbers.  When I printed the pages, it cut the page numbers off.

I saved all the pages I'd made onto a USB drive, and had P.M. call her husband B. to see if he knew how to download files from a USB drive.  He told P. I'd lost him when I said USB drive.  I decided to e-mail the pages to P. as an attachment.  I believe he knows how to download attachments from e-mail.  It's a little scary that I'm one of the best with computers out of all the garden club members and some of their husbands.  They are mostly senior citizens, though.  Not that senior citizens can't learn to use computers, but they weren't brought up with them.

A USB drive that I thought I hadn't used had a few e-books saved onto it.  They were from March 2008.  I'm pretty sure that's when I first started reading e-books.  I'd read some books that were originally e-books in print form before that.  I had gotten the Scott & Scott Romentics novels, and Amazon suggested that if I liked them, I might like others.  I did.  Then I later realized that some books came in electronic form to start with.

From my recent reading of e-reader reviews, I think it was Sony that came up with the first dedicated e-reader, the 500, in 2005.  J. of AfterElton said she'd had hers since 2006.  I haven't gone back that much over reviews of the original Kindle, but it must have come out not that long after that.  I believe the order of Sonys was 500, then 505, then 700, then 300, 600 and 900, and then 350, 650 and 950.  The 505 was the one TeddyPig thinks was the best, a classic.  The reviews say that the 300 was good, too.  It was the one of that series that didn't have a touch screen.  The reviews also say that the 2010 models did much better with touch screens than earlier models with touch screens.

As I've journaled, I got mine in December of 2010, so I'd been reading books at the computer for close to two years by then.  I was very happy to be able to go back to reading in bed or on the couch or in a recliner.  Interestingly, the books I had on that USB drive were ones I thought I'd lost when the computer I had been using had parts die in 2008.  I'd saved a lot of e-books onto floppy discs and transferred them over.  Dad has since repurposed that computer.  I guess he put new parts in.  I must have just been learning to use USB drives in 2008.

P.M. and I worked for a couple of hours.  After she left, Mom wanted me to take her to a farmers' market that's held in a park near here on Thursdays.  It was the first time I'd been.  Mom was bummed that they didn't have corn.  I got a little apple pie (not cheap) and a bar of homemade soap (not cheap compared to store-bought).  She got a tomato.  I'll remember the prices for next time.  Homemade items are relatively expensive there.

So I got out of the house, and added to my soap collection.  The one I got was rose-scented, from rose geraniums, so the sign said.  I got it as one of the milder-smelling soaps.  Mom isn't big on strongly scented soaps.  R.A. didn't seem to mind if I used soaps with fragrance, but it's not like she was using the tub much herself.  I like soaps that are pine or spice or flower-scented.  Mom is not a fan of sandalwood soap, though I like that a lot.  I guess I'll go back to using the spice-scented soaps when I move out again.

(Added: I note here that Mom started her vacation today.  After being on disability for four months, and working for perhaps a week, she is taking two weeks off so she doesn't lose her vacation days.  I guess we'll get some swimming in, weather permitting.)

It was a productive day.  We got the pages done for the garden club handbook.  The page numbers got cut off by the printer, so it wasn't possible to just Xerox the hard copy pages.  P. is coming back on Monday, and I'll give her a CD.  Meanwhile she has the printed-out pages and will have the e-mailed ones.

I'll post later on what I read.  I'll probably post on AfterElton when I finish the Deadly series.

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