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so far Tuesday

It feels like I've been up for a long time.  I woke at 10 a.m. for no apparent reason.  I ran an errand.  Mom had called out sick because her stomach was bothering her, like it had on Sunday but apparently not as badly as it had then.  She got a physical therapy appointment for noon.  I offered to take her, and she accepted.  I read more than half of Smokin' Seventeen while I was in the waiting room.  After her physical therapy, we went to Dairy Queen.  It seemed that her stomach was better enough for ice cream.

I picked the last couple of the tiger lilies and put them in a vase.  It wasn't that bad out today, so I looked around at my potted plants and my roses.  Most of the potted plants are doing surprisingly well, considering.  The roses that are in the ground are doing fairly well, too, it looks like.

More correspondence with the folks from Rainbow eBooks.  They got my note that I'd like to get the Sony Pocket Edition, and asked what color I'd like.  I went with pink, which should not be a surprise.  The link that the lady directed me to look at was the Sony store.  It still said that the e-readers were out of stock.  I considered saying something about that, but remembered that I'd won this, and thought maybe they'd get it from somewhere else, and just said, "Pink, please."

I told my AfterElton buddies about winning an e-reader, and they're happy for me.  Well, C. said she was jealous, but she has an e-reader, a Kobo.  I'm sure she was happy for me as well.  I told J. that I'd been reading a lot of reviews about e-readers.  She has a Sony 500 e-reader, which may be their earliest model, and said that the buttons were getting sluggish.  Well, it lasted her for probably three or four years (Added: She said she'd had it since 2006), which is a long time in the world of electronics that are designed to have new editions each year or so.  I told her about some sales, and which online reviews I'd gotten the most out of.  I expect that when Sony comes out with their tablets, the prices on the 2010 e-readers will drop.  If they come out with a new line of e-readers, the prices on the 2010 versions should definitely go down.

I'll post later if anything exciting happens. It was nice to get outside into the yard while the weather wasn't too bad, and enjoy my flowers and herbs.

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