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Monday -- exciting news

Well, I think it's exciting.  I won one of the e-readers from the Rainbow eBooks promotional.  Now I'm trying to decide which one to get.  I wouldn't get a Kindle or Nook, since so many of my books are already in epub format, and I don't want to get into their DRM.  The other choices are the Sony Pocket Edition Touch and the Kobo Touch.  I had obsessively read reviews of both of these over the last several weeks.  It's not particularly making my decision easier.  I'm leaning towards the Sony.  It doesn't have wireless, but I haven't used the wireless on the Daily Edition that much.  I was never able to use it to download books by wireless, so I've just sideloaded all the ones I put on there.  It doesn't bother me to do that.

I'll have much more to say later, I'm sure.

Later: After a few hours of agonizing, I decided to get the Sony Pocket e-reader.  I like the Sony I have, and all the reviews I've read said that the Pocket one is a totally stripped down e-reader, but just fine for reading.  I'm used to using the USB cord and just dragging and dropping books onto the e-reader as it is.  That won't change.  It will be good to have a backup, considering I keep dropping the Daily Edition, and the Pocket edition is lighter than that and will fit in my purse.
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