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Friday later on

I hadn’t been able to post on LJ for two days.  It had been very slow for a couple of weeks, but got much worse over the last couple of days.  Dad helped me do a route trace on how the computer was talking to LJ.  Oddly enough, it worked better for a few hours after that, and I was able to post.  I changed the dates to reflect the times I actually would have posted those days, had LJ been working for me.


I continue with my obsessive quest to learn more about e-readers and at least window-shop for them.  I learned from a customer review that the wireless on the Kobo Wireless only actually works for the Kobo store.  How is it that the many reviews I’d seen previous to that didn’t mention that?  It seems like it would be difficult to use the navigation button to actually type anything in.  If I got one, I would stick to typing things in on the computer while I had the e-reader connected to it.  Now I’m unclear on whether the wireless on the Kobo Touch just works for the store, or whether it works generally.


The prices on e-readers at Borders were reduced to 20% off the other day.  That would make the Wireless $80 and the Touch $104.  If the percentage off becomes greater, and if there are any left, I’m really thinking of getting one.


In looking at information about e-readers on the Internet, I found that at the Sony store the 350, 650 and 950 Sony readers were out-of-stock.  One seller had them listed as discontinued.  Apparently they were discontinued in June.  I guess they’ll have new ones coming out soon.
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