neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

Friday day

Not terribly much going on by mid-afternoon. Dad’s new monitor came. I got the mail. I had a cup of Starlight Rose tea and read Driven to Distraction by Anah Crow and Dianne Fox, which is in the Working Stiffs series put out by AQP. I’m sure they’ve written things for Torquere, too. I finished reading Leo: All That You Are from the Boys of the Zodiac series. That one was by Jamie Craig.

I found out today that Taurus: All That You Do comes before All That You Are.  I'd thought that the couple was very happy already in All That You Are.  I did some shopping and got All That You Do and Virgo: The Warrior Prince, which is in the same mythology as The Wicked Things.

I went on a couple of errands.  I'd e-mailed J. last night about TeddyPig's post about the Kindle app no longer going straight to Kindle:  J. said he'd downloaded books onto his iPhone using Stanza.  I knew there was a way to do it.  I'm sure there's more than one way.  He also said that he'd gotten a job.  He'd taken the test for certification as a social worker not too long ago.  I think he'd just finished up his internship.  He'd done some job interviews before he and K. went on vacation to Colonial Williamsburg.  I wouldn't have wanted to go this time of year, but I want to go someday.

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