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Thursday late July

Today was relatively busy. As posted in the previous entry, I read three books last night. I shouldn’t have stayed up to read the third, because then I didn’t actually go to sleep when I was tired, and ended up falling asleep around 6-something or 7 in the morning.  Dad woke me at noon, as I’d requested. I stayed in bed until 12:15, but then got up and got going.

I fixed myself a cup of coffee, had brunch, and made it to a 2 p.m. appointment. After that I went to the grocery store. Dad had gone to the library, and I’d requested he get a book by Brent Hartinger while he was there. He didn’t get that book, but he got three other books, all of which I’d read. I thanked him anyway.

Dad had picked up dinner at the Taco Bell/KFC in our vicinity, but they hadn’t included the popcorn chicken I requested. It was about 3:30 at this point. I ate my burrito and then headed back out. I went to the library to return the books I’d already read, and get the one I hadn’t. To be fair, the YA paperback section is pretty well hidden at that library, but I had written YA paperback on the slip of paper with the book title. I guess he only got as far as the YA hardcovers.

I found the one I hadn’t read yet and that was at that library, Shadow Walkers. There are a couple of Brent’s other books at other libraries in the system, so I suppose I’ll put holds on them. I got one of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s latest, too. It must be a few months at least since it was published, because the new books of hers get about twenty holds on them as soon as they enter the library system’s processing. Acheron had close to forty holds on it, which is why I ended up buying it. This one’s about an Amazon. Kenyon puts all kinds of mythology in those Dark-Hunter books.

I went back to the grocery store for something else, then headed to the KFC/Taco Bell. I got the popcorn chicken, and then another container of it in case everybody else wanted it, too. Mom and Dad weren’t too into it, actually, saying it was nothing but breading. I think that’s kind of the point.

I read the previous books in a series for one I was editing, and did a little shopping at Rainbow eBooks. I got Tea and Crumpet, which are British short stories by the usual suspects, the Macaronis and their friends. I got Dash and Dingo there, too, which I’d been planning to get since I’d heard of it, probably a few years. I’m pretty sure I hadn’t known which publisher it was from, but I was searching through Dreamspinner Press books there and found it.

I finished up my editing and will probably do some more reading.  (Later that evening: I started reading Leo: All That You Are.  I found out a couple of days later that Taurus: All That You Do, is the prequel.)

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