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Tuesday day

I went to Borders in the afternoon to see if prices had dropped.  The Sony 350 e-reader was no longer on sale, and back up from $109 to $179.  I don't understand that at all.  Wouldn't it have been better to leave it on sale if everything was being liquidated anyway?  The Kobos were still 10% off.  I did not inquire as to how many were left.

The romance section had gaps.  Romance has been 30% off.  Mysteries and thrillers were 10% off.  I found a Janet Evanovich book set possibly in the same world as the Between-the-Numbers series, or at least with one of the same characters, Diesel.  The title is Wicked Appetite.  It was $6.99 for the hardcover, $6.29 with the 10% off.  I got chocolates for 10% off, too.  Borders Rewards no longer works, as I had kind of expected.  Borders Rewards Plus does, but I never had that.  The cashier was more interested in helping the next cashier over solve a problem that had him stuck than in checking me out, but I eventually got to pay for my things.  Yes, I hope the people who work there get new jobs.

P.M. from the garden club called just as I was getting into my car.  I said it wasn't a good time, as I was getting into a very hot car, and then driving, but that I'd call her back.  I parked on the street when I got to the house, dropped off my book and chocolates, and called P.M.  We're going to get together tomorrow around 1:30 to work on pages for the garden club handbook.  We figured it was easier for P. to come to my house, since I had it all on the computer.

I went to the grocery store and got lunchmeats, and filled a couple of large containers with various salad things at the salad bar.  I figured that could be part of dinner.  I got myself sushi.  That ended up being my afternoon meal.  I'd just had a yogurt for breakfast. 

Mom got home about 4:15, and said she had physical therapy at 5:00.  I offered to drive her there and back, as she was already tired from work.  I took a couple of books with me.  I had gotten Sizzling Sixteen last week or so.  I'm re-reading the books in the "With or Without" series after recommending them to someone on AfterElton.  I read With Love last night.  I'm partway through Without Reservations.  I read 200 pages of Sizzling Sixteen while I waited for Mom.  Me taking her to physical therapy may become a relatively regular thing if she's having it in the late afternoon now.

So as of around six, that was Tuesday so far.

Later: I finished Sizzling Sixteen.  It turned out that Uly hadn't read All Lessons Learned.  He was the one who reassured me that it would all be okay.  He said today he'd read the first chapter of All Lessons Learned, and had cried most of the way through it.  I said for him to be prepared to weep throughout the book.  I think I noted that it nearly made me cry in a few places.

I fixed the pages in the garden club handbook to reflect the current reality.  It makes me very sad that three members quit.  I usually only make it there for the afternoon programs, but I like the ladies.

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