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quietish Sunday -- so far

So far I've just been out for a quick trip to the grocery store.  I re-read parts of All Lessons Learned.  I expect I'll mostly just do more reading today.  Mom wants to take a more extensive trip to the grocery store once the baseball game is over.  I may go with.  I'll post if anything else goes on today.

Later: I finally read Treva Harte's Carry On, which is a m/m/f menage.  It involves werewolves, and is a historical.  I'm not sure if or how the characters are related to the ones in the modern-day werewolf series of hers.  One of the werewolf characters has the surname Deklin, which is indicative.  The hero in Alpha: Walk Away has the first name Deklin.

Later still: I re-read the Alpha books.  They're each novellas, and it doesn't take me too long to read a book when I've read it before.  I'm sure I read them on TeddyPig's recommendation.

Uly of AfterElton is having this weird thing where he thinks I said that books that have sex in them aren't literature.  That is not what I said.  I've specified some of the romance novels I've read as not being high literature.  Not that that means I didn't like the books, just that they were what they were.  I've said that I've read some romance that was literary in style.  I'm still not sure why he thinks I'm arguing with him.

(The next day: He didn't think we were arguing.  He said my name was just the first he thought of.  I recommended Spindrift as having a literary style, and he got it.)

It was a pretty good day.  I didn't do that much, but I was okay with that. 
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