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I finished Lessons in Seduction late last night.  Today I read Lessons in Trust and All Lessons Learned.  I nearly cried over All Lessons Learned.  I'm sure it made Uly cry.  Samhain put in the warnings that it was a three-hanky read.

When I was nearly done with Lessons in Trust, S. called.  I said that I wanted to find out whodunit, but that I was happy to talk to him.  We talked for an hour and a half at least.  He caught me up on family things and his own adventuresome life.  I spoke of my online pals and my quieter life.  He said he'd find lots of volunteer work for me to do for the GLBT organization once the semester started.  S. said that last year's president had warned him that his inbox would be flooded.  She also said he'd meet a lot of strange people.  He was not surprised to hear these things.  I said that he met lots of strange people anyway, and he agreed.

I finished Lessons in Trust and started on All Lessons Learned.  Somewhere in the last book, A. from Green Bay called.  We talked for a couple of hours.  We talked about family and various issues, and how we live vicariously through our friends.  A. isn't surprised that people have trouble keeping up with S. :)  We had some stories of our own lives to tell.  We got into talking about music.  A. listens to a huge variety of music, so he had lots of ideas of what I'd like.  I asked him to send me a message with suggestions.

I'll have to post about the "Lessons in..."/Cambridge Fellows Mysteries on the m/m romance forum.  It's not the first time we've brought them up.  I wasn't the first one to mention them.  Uly had read them all and loved them.  I'd read up through Lessons in Power by then.  After Lessons in Discovery, it was hard for me to read them for fear of bad things happening to Jonty and Orlando.  Uly reassured me that Charlie made it work.  I love the characters.  I don't figure out whodunit, but I'm lousy at figuring those things out.  I enjoy how the stories progress, and the vivid settings. 

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