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I picked up on this one from reading The Naughty Bits.  Jessewave had a post about relabeling Gay for You books as "Out for You" instead.  I don't think that's the point of those stories.  The point is one of the heroes (or both) being previously heterosexual, falling for that one special guy, and changing orientations.  I don't think it works that way.  S. doesn't think it works that way.  Perhaps I mostly talk to gay guys who have come out early, but they knew on some level.  Some of the people who have posted about this have said that the notion of choice in it all made them uneasy.  I think someone chooses to have sex or not, but I don't think they choose their basic orientations.  And, sure, people experiment, and it's my belief that a fair number of women can go either way.  I also happen to believe that more men are straight, or pretty much so, or gay or pretty much so, than are completely bisexual.  It's how much you're able to make an emotional connection with someone, too, if you're talking about settling down.

A variation on that kind of book can work for me if the guy has some notion of being bisexual, some previous attraction to men that he might not have acted on.  His decision to settle down with a man might be relatively quick after he comes out, but I'll suspend disbelief that far.  In what I'm talking about, the character really does come out.  There's more reflection on the issues, and how it might actually make someone feel.  The more typical Gay for You is more common than that, but I read a lot of books by authors who write the characters as being gay to start with.  That feels more realistic to me.
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