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Wednesday so far

In which I went for an interview for a companion job, filled out a bunch of forms, took a test, then was told it had been too long since I worked as a nursing aide.  Well, that was forty-five minutes of my day gone.  On the good side, I got my resume together and lined up references for if I apply for more outside-the-home jobs.  I believe future jobs I apply for will probably be editing jobs, though.

Then I stopped at Wal-Mart to explore the e-readers again.  I figured out a little more of how to work a Kindle, but I set off the alarm when I handled the Nook.  An employee called Tiffany came over and said that since no one had the key, the alarms were set for two minutes.  It was a long two minutes.  The Nook was stuck at a "searching for wi-fi" screen anyway.  I probably made something of a faux pas when I said that I could look at them at Barnes & Noble.

I looked at the Sony e-readers they had.  They turned out to be the 300 and 600 models.  Tiffany told me that once they sold out of them, they weren't getting more.  I believe those older models are supposed to be the ones with glare.  I would have liked to see how to use them, but they were securely attached, with the upper prongs over the power buttons.  There wasn't any power to that side of the counter anyway, Tiffany said.  The 600 was $169, and the 300 was $98 or so.

Considering I saw the 350 e-reader for sale for $109 at Borders, I still didn't think the prices were so great.  I think the 650 is $220-something regularly, though I'm sure there are places you could get that on sale.  I'm sure the prices on the 350, 650, and 950 models will drop once the new editions come out this fall.

Tiffany said that the Kindle seems to be the most popular of the ones they had there at Wal-Mart.  As curious as I am to learn more about how to work it, I still don't want to buy one.  I have so many e-books in PDF and epub form, there's no point in getting an e-reader that only takes books in its own format.

Perhaps I'll go to Best Buy to take more of a look at what they have there.  There's one in a shopping center near a semi-local town.  I'm curious to see what their prices are.  That's where I got the e-reader I have.  I'm glad I got the second adapter.  I'm using the wall charger to charge the e-reader when I'm not at the computer, have read a couple of books and am reading another.  With the wall charger, you can keep reading.  I think that without the wireless on, the e-reader will last for at least a couple of weeks of reading half an hour a day.  I'm using it more than that when I use it, though.  I'm getting a fair amount of use out of the second adapter, and I can use it to travel with.

I'll look around more in the fall, too, and see what's available then.  The older models will be cheaper, and it will be fun to see the newer models of the various e-readers.
Notable: Victor Banis posted on the AfterElton Gay/MM romance forum, aware that people are giving his books some love there.  I think Uly must have e-mailed him about Longhorns.  It's been mentioned several times on the threads of that forum, and TeddyPig loved it, too.  I posted about the C.A.M.P. books on a thread of the semi-official Gay Lit forum.  I think I mentioned the books in the "Deadly" series on the m/m romance forum, too.

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