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Monday so far

I figured it would be good to get out of the house and do something useful, so I took Mom to the doctor's.  Dr. R. is the same orthopedic surgeon who put my ankle back together with the plate and screws.  He was pleased enough at Mom's progress with the knee replacement, though she still can't straighten her leg out altogether, and she can only bend it to about a 100 degree angle on her own.  Mom walked around the office for him a little, and he thought her gait was pretty good, considering.

Dr. R. had cleared her to go back to work two days a week back in June, but Mom's boss didn't want two days, but four half-days a week.  That's ridiculous, considering it's an hour drive each way, but her boss is like that.  Human Resources thought that going back two days a week would mess up the short-term disability, so Mom just stayed on disability.  This time, Dr. R. cleared Mom to go back to work next week.  He was going to say the beginning of August, but Mom had told me she would go back this week.  Mom and the doctor compromised on next week.  She was good with that as far as her physical health went.  She told me she didn't want to go back at all.  It would be a great job if it wasn't for her boss.  The professors like the books she orders.

We went to Wal-Mart to look for clip-on sunglasses.  They had the kind with springs, but not clip-ons.  The ones I'm currently using are an older prescription, but I can see well enough to drive.  I wanted to look at a Kindle, so Mom sat on a scooter at the front of the store for a few minutes while I went back to electronics.  They had a couple of Kindles, a Nook, and two older edition Sonys.  When I turned on the one Kindle, it started with audio, reading aloud, so I hastily turned it off.  The other one was on a dictionary page.  I figured out how to turn pages, but didn't figure out too much.

I didn't look at the Nook right then.  I might go back and look at it.  The Sonys weren't on.  The salesboy behind the counter said that with the touchscreen, they were very sensitive, and the alarms went off.  He didn't know the model numbers, but got one from behind the counter.  The one he got out was the 300 model.  He thought it was the slightly bigger one.  That's the one from a couple of years ago, with the coating that caused glare.    The other one had direction buttons that looked like my iPod, so I don't think that one was a touchscreen at all.  It might have been the 500 model.    I'll have to look up what they look like.  They were comparatively inexpensive for Sonys, but not as inexpensive as they should have been, given that they were older models.

(Edited: The 300 is the smaller one, the pocket edition.  The bigger one with the touchscreen was the 600.  The 600 and 900 are the ones that have particularly bad glare, and a not-very-responsive touchscreen.  The one with the direction buttons was the 300, which doesn't have a touchscreen, so didn't have the glare problems of the 600 and 900 models.)

At some point, I'll go back by myself or with someone interested in electronics, and take a closer look.  Some of it for me is just figuring out how the various readers work, especially with the Kindle and Nook.  There's apparently a new e-reader that's coming out through Target, and I'm curious about that one, too.  The reviews said that it looked slick, but that the insides weren't as sophisticated as the outsides.

I read Andrew Grey's Core Training, which was cute.  I think it's one in a series, because they mentioned another couple, or another two couples.  The characters' fathers were alcoholics, so there was some serious material in the story.  I recommend it if reading about alcoholism isn't a trigger for the reader.  It wasn't a long enough story to have time to get into a deep exploration about the relationship, but the protagonists communicated pretty well.

Later: I posted some about what I've been reading on the AfterElton book forums.  Kingsley and I is the free book from MLR this week.  I read that.  It's very different.  (*possibly spoilery*)  It just focuses on the relationship from the strange viewpoint of the unnamed narrator.  You don't even learn what the protagonists' jobs are.  The narrator cries a lot.  As an Amazon reviewer points out, it's highly unlikely male bodies actually function the way they function in this book.  Multiple orgasms?  It had kind of a science-fiction flavor that way, and in exploring this whole new world on the narrator's part.  A woman would have been slammed for writing something with such an emotional narrator and erotica scenes that were a mix of fantasy and very clinical.  As it is, it's just an unusual book.

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