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later Sunday -- more reading

I read "When Tony Met Adam."  I recognized those trademarks of Suzanne Brockmann's style.  She's a very good writer.  It stretches my suspension of disbelief to have men sitting around talking about their feelings.  She's heavy-handed on the messages she wants to get across, too.  Aside from that, no complaints.  Brockmann went there in this one somewhat more than she did for Jules and Robin.  Well, the people buying it knew they were getting m/m.

I found the story on Kobo, as I journaled.  I looked at Fictionwise and ARe, too, but they didn't have it.  It was on Amazon, of course.  One reviewer said she'd gotten it out of curiousity, read it, decided she wasn't into men having feelings for each other, and she was glad it was a short story.  That was an WTF for me.  It's crystal clear what the story is about.  Suzanne writes books with characters having feelings for each other.

Personally, I was good with the story going there, although it was a more mild going there than the usual I read.  Still, it would be pretty wild for Brockmann's usual audience, I guess.  She does reasonably good male viewpoint, except for how the men discuss their feelings with each other, and fall in love at first sight.  She went into a bit of emotional trainwreck for the characters, though there wasn't time in the story for much of it.  Sam and Alyssa's emotional trainwreck of a romance went through several books, and Jules' and Robin's went the better part of two novels, and there were still bits of conflict even into All Through the Night.  Suzanne showed a little of why Adam was as messed up as he was in "When Tony Met Adam."  I don't know if some fans of Jules and Robin would ever forgive him, though.

The story makes much more sense if you've read the Troubleshooter/Seal Team Sixteen novels.  I read them all out of order, and what was in the library, then I collected them and read the ones I hadn't read before.  The story's a definite recommend for Suzanne Brockmann fans who can deal with m/m romance that doesn't close the bedroom door.  I also recommend reading the previous books in order before reading this, if you haven't read the series yet.

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