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still pretty early Sunday

I woke up at 10:30 for no apparent reason.  I think I'd fallen asleep around 2:30 a.m., because I had no real reason to stay up.  I'm reading Spin Out again.  Sure, I know the mystery part now, but I'm still enjoying reading about the relationship part, and how people have to nearly forcibly explain to Joe why his massive failures in communication upset his boyfriend.  He's good at solving cases, but he can't buy a clue when it comes to understanding love.

I don't read books twice in row that quickly that often.  I know the last time was the first draft I saw of GhosTV.  It had been a long time before that that I'd done that.  Possibly it was for one of the Adrien English mysteries.

I did my Kobo book shopping for the day, and now I'm done with the contest.  This time I looked up Suzanne Brockmann, and ended up getting "When Tony Met Adam."  I had thought it might be out in e-book by now.  The story might have had DRM anyway, in a mainstream e-book store.  It was something I wanted to read.

I found an old pair of sunglasses that I could still see through well enough.  I know I have other pairs of clip-on sunglasses around, but darned if I know where.  I'm off to the used book store in about an hour, to help out again.  This time, it will be me, E.M., P.S., and whatever other volunteers show up.

A couple of hours later: I put in about an hour at the bookstore.  It was E.M., P.S. and me.  I worked on getting some books off the floor first.  They were hardcover novels, so I tried to scrunch them onto the shelves in the the back room where the hardbacks go.  It wasn't easy.  As usual, there's quite the overstock of hardcover novels.

Then I tackled the romance shelves, which were a mess.  Half the books on the category romance cart weren't even romances.  I put them in their appropriate places, then filled in the shelves on the cart with romances.  I put up some books on top of the main shelves with the covers facing outward in display.  There had been some there, but I arranged it so that the contemporaries on display were actually with the contemporaries, the historicals with the historicals, and so on.  I made sure all the books up there were romances, too.

One in the center of the display ones was a lesbian romance.  I was trying to figure out what it was, because it was larger than typical paperback size.  The back cover described a love triangle between three women.  I left it there with no comment.  It was a romance, after all.  I was tempted to tell E.M. and see her reaction, but I figured it was better to just quietly let it go.  I wondered which of the volunteers had put it into the romance section -- either an open-minded one, or one who missed what the content was.

I'm glad to be done with the Kobo contest.  I really didn't like getting books with DRM on them when the publisher wouldn't have had DRM.  The books I got from MLR through Kobo didn't have DRM on them, but the rest did.  I would have had a lot more flexibility with format and downloading capability if I'd gotten the Dreamspinner ones directly from the publisher.  Well, now I know that Sarah Black has some novellas out with Dreamspinner, so I can get the rest next time I go shopping there.  That's a bright spot.

I'll post more if anything else goes on here today, but my plans are just to read and maybe do some editing.

Later: Mom and I went through several bags of romance novels for donation purposes.  She said there was a bag of romances she'd read in the computer room, but we didn't find those.  I brought downstairs three bags of books I'd already read and didn't desperately want to keep.  Mom hadn't read those books, so ended up keeping most of those to read.  I suppose she'll donate them later.

I put together a bag of romances I had really wanted to keep.  Mom looked at those and said several sounded good.  I didn't trust her to give them back when she was done and not donate them, though, so I told her to read the ones she'd already picked out from the first three bags.  I don't know if we actually accomplished anything much.  There are four kitchen-trash-bag-sized bags of books out of the computer room, three bags I was okay with donating and one that went back to my room.  You can't even see a difference in the clutter in the computer room, which is very discouraging. 

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