neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

late Saturday and early Sunday

A. from Green Bay and I talked about  -- well, many things -- but I again ended up telling stories about the editing and reading I do.  I never run out of stories to tell.  He caught me up on his life, about volunteering at the Green Bay Pride Fest and all his bicycle rides.  I have everyone telling me that it's easy to Skype.  Trekboy really wants to talk to me that way, so I guess I will have to let myself be dragged into the 21st century that way, too.

Once again, members of AfterElton were offered the chance to meet hot girls.  I passed the spam along to one of the moderators, with the note that I don't come to the site expecting to meet women.  Then those of my buddies and I who got the spam mocked the spammers in our notes to each other for them having such a badly targeted effort.  Some of the members of AE get upset about the spam about meeting sexy women, but it's more fun to just laugh at it.  In my opinion, anyway.

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