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James' new book

James' new book, Spin Out, came out yesterday.  I got it not that long after I got back from Baltimore.  Among the first things I did when I got back were checking my e-mail and reading the LJs I regularly read.  The author ones are Jordan's, James', and Jules Jones'.  I used to read Josh's, but he's really not doing LJ much anymore.  James had the announcement up, and that was the book shopping I did for the day.

I got about eighty pages into the book (epub pages), but conked out not long after 1:30 a.m.  Between the driving and the swimming and general activity of the day, I was exhausted.  I'd gotten up at 8:00 a.m. on Friday so we could leave at 9:00.  That alone was a shock to my system.  I'll write something up about my opinions when I finish it, but so far so good.  (*spoilerish*)  I knew there would be spanking.  Just knew it.  And Kabe continues to have attitude.  I'm sure Joe will get him in line, though.

Later: Well, Joe was pretty oblivious about the more tender feelings and emotions people have.  He's such a guy that way.  James continues to excel at the "drive the character up a tree and throw rocks at him" thing.  Joe was highly motivated to solve his case, as is usual for him.  He realized more about the dynamics of his relationship with Kabe after practically getting hit over the head with it.  I enjoyed the book.  I would have felt more sorry for Joe, but he brought a lot of his troubles onto himself, especially the relationship issues.  Seriously oblivious. 

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