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gone to Baltimore

We went to Baltimore today, to visit my brother and sister-in-law.  Their apartment complex has a pool, so we swam.  We met their new dog, Morris.  Morris is a puggle -- pug/beagle cross.  He's pretty friendly and laid-back.  I drove about halfway down, then we switched drivers so Mom was driving.  Right after we switched, we got caught in an awful traffic jam on Route 95, caused by an accident that blocked the two right lanes out of three lanes on that side of the highway.  After an hour and a half of that, we made it over the bridge and down to Baltimore.  J. lives in Baltimore County again now, so we didn't go through the tunnel or anything.

On the way back, Dad insisted on taking the Belair Road part of Route 1, which has a ton of traffic lights, rather than going on 95 to go back north.  We eventually got back on the highways once we were in Pennsylvania.  We'd switched drivers again once we got into Pennsylvania, so I was driving again.  We ran into some construction, but it didn't slow us down that much, not a standstill like it was going south earlier in the day.

We got to J. and K.'s place around one, had lunch, and then went to the pool.  Dad had wanted to leave around four, which was ridiculous.  We weren't going to go back during rush hour.  J. told us about this place that had great "pit beef" -- a Baltimore tradition, he said.  We got dinner there.  He drove and I went along for the ride.  He especially drove farther to get to this one, which was a little shack of a building near a big strip club.  It was just thin slices of beef.  I don't see how it was so different from what you could get in Pennsylvania.  The ribs weren't bad.  The thing to eat down in Maryland is the seafood, since you can get very fresh seafood there.

I didn't feel like reading a romance at the pool, so I read one of the free pre-1923 (out of copyright) e-books I got from Google e-Books.  This one was about a Boy Scout troop.  The book was published in 1918.  It told readers several times how things the Boy Scouts did were like things the military did, so apparently war was still much on the mind of the writer.

One of the characters along on the troop's camping trip was a "gentleman of color."  He was there to do the drudge work for them.  His speech was rendered in minstrel dialect.  I was well aware that this was long before the era of political correctness, but it took some mental translating to understand what he was supposed to be saying.  The treatment of the character has sort of varied, with him being used for what would have been thought of as comedy, but also doing good things.

I'm nearly done the book.  I have another couple in the same series.  I was inspired to to collect boys' adventure stories from the early twentieth century by seeing old series books at a big local used bookstore.  I get a kick out of how some of the books say that one character is the hero's "special chum."  Of course there's no reference to sex in the books.  A fair amount of violence, plenty of action adventure, but they're supposed to be good clean stories.

Back to real life, I'm a little sunburned, but it was nice to see J. and K., meet the dog, and go swimming.

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